Are There Different Types of Elder Care Services?

Are There Different Types of Elder Care Services?

Elder care services are more in-demand now than they have ever been. The reason for this is simple. As the large Baby Boomer generation enters their senior years, there are more seniors now than ever before. And many of these seniors will require care to live safely and healthily. Many others still won’t so much need elder care services but will choose to avail themselves of elder care services because they can make the lives of seniors easier and more convenient. But with seniors being such a vastly large group, a one-size-fits-all type of elder care won’t do. But has elder care diversified? Are there different types of elder care services?

Elder Care Services

There are different types of elder care services. Elder care services have diversified and become more convenient. Senior home care, for instance, is far more accessible now than it was 25 years ago. Apart from the convenience of senior home care –and the fact that it is usually cheaper than moving into a senior care facility– the best attribute of it is that it is inherently personal. A senior care provider working with a client in that client’s own home is bound to get a better sense of who they are and what the need. Elder home care services are highly personalized and customizable. That’s why they are so wide-ranging.

Different types of Elder Care Services

At Executive Home Care, we divide the elder care services we provide into different categories. Each category of service is designed to help seniors with specific needs. However, each individual client will likely only receive some of the services from a given category or a melange of services from different categories. It’s whatever the client needs. The different elder care service categories are as follows:

  • Personal Care
    Personal care services are designed to help seniors with the Activities of Daily Living. Such activities include: bathing and grooming, eating, dealing with catheter, colostomy, and ostomy bags, and getting in and out beds and wheelchairs.
  • Homemaking Services
    These elder care services are not designed to help seniors with their bodies as much as managing their homes. Many seniors can manage the Activities of Daily Living just fine but doing all the chores and errands associated with managing a house can be exhausting, painful, and even dangerous. Homemaking services can assist seniors with making/changing beds, dusting, laundry, washing the dishes, and transportation.
  • Live-in Care
    Some seniors require around-the-clock access to care. With live-in care, a caregiver can live in the home of the senior and provide care whenever needed.
  • Specialized Care
    Some seniors require care to manage specific conditions, such as ALS, Alzheimer’s Disease, MS, or recovery from stroke. With specialized care, seniors can work with care providers who are experienced in working with seniors with said conditions.
  • Companion Care
    Some seniors face very few physical challenges at all but have become isolated. They don’t have any co-workers, friends, or sometimes even a spouse or family around them. This isolation can lead to depression which can cause other problems. Companion care involves a care provider visiting with a senior to help them maintain their emotional and mental health.

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