7 In-Home Senior Services To Consider

7 In-Home Senior Services To Consider

In-home senior services have become an integral part of the healthcare for many seniors across the United States. Here are seven in-home senior services that could improve your life or the life of an elderly loved one.

1. Homemaking Is An In-Home Senior Service That Is Often Underrated.

This article will discuss several heavy topics and deal with serious healthcare matters. And while in-home senior services can literally save lives, things don’t have to be so drastic for these services to be valuable. Many seniors are generally pretty healthy, but that doesn’t mean that household chores are easy. Vacuuming can be tiring, laundry is annoying, and going out to get groceries can sometimes be dangerous. Homemaking caregivers can do all these tasks and more for seniors, thus making their lives more convenient and enjoyable.

2. Personal Care Is An In-Home Service That Improves Seniors’ Physical Health.

While some seniors just want some help with their chores, others need serious healthcare. Personal caregivers can visit weekly, daily, or multiple times a day to help seniors use the toilet, shower or bathe, eat meals, and with mobility issues.

3. Companion Care Is An In-Home Service That Improves Seniors’ Mental Health.

Mental health is as important as physical health. Sadly, seniors face many mental health challenges. Many live alone, far away from family and friends, and can become lonely and depressed. Companion care can keep seniors’ company and encourage them to interact with the outside world, either in-person, by phone, or through correspondence.

4. Seniors With Alzheimer’s Or Dementia Often Need Specialized Care.

Other mental health issues facing seniors stem from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Seniors can lose touch with reality due to these neurodegenerative diseases. In-home senior services can be customized to help people with these diseases and monitor their progression.

5. In-Home Senior Services Can Make Homes Safer.

Caregivers can help seniors avoid falls and improve the safety of their homes. A home safety check and medication review minimizes the possibility of falls and other emergencies.

6. In-Home Senior Services Can Even Be Provided 24/7.

With live-in care, seniors can have access to all these seniors around the clock. If a senior’s home is large enough, a caregiver can move in with them and provide care as needed. They obviously can’t work 24/7, but they will be there in case there’s an emergency in the middle of the night, for example.

7. Even Nurses Can Play A Role In In-Home Senior Services.

With a skilled care program, a registered nurse can visit seniors in their homes to provide certain services.

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