7 Different Types of Elderly Home Care Services

7 Different Types of Elderly Home Care Services

Elderly home care services can and do help countless seniors across America. One of the greatest things about elderly home care is that it is an inherently personal service. Every senior receives care that is customized to their needs and wants. Because of the personalized nature of elderly home care, it can benefit just about any senior. Here are seven different types of elderly home care services.

1. Personal Care

When we first think of elderly home care, many of us first think of personal care. Personal care is in some ways the classic type of elderly home care. It involves caregivers helping the elderly with the Activities of Daily Living. These are the activities that we all perform every day to take care of ourselves. They include activities such as getting in and out of bed, eating, using the bathroom, washing and grooming, and mobility. Many seniors struggle to perform these activities on their own but they don’t want to move into a senior care facility. Elderly home care services can help such seniors.

2. Homemaking Services

Many seniors can take care of themselves all right, but taking care of their homes is another matter. But it seems silly for an elderly person to move into a senior care community and leave their beloved home just because they can’t manage the vacuuming. Homemaking services can help. These elderly home care services focus on taking care of the homes of the elderly. Caregivers can do this by cleaning the kitchen, doing the laundry, helping with grocery shopping, and other tasks.

3. Companionship Services

Mental and emotional health is as important for the elderly as it is for anybody else. Possibly even more important because many seniors live in isolation and this can lead to loneliness and depression and other serious problems. Companion care services can prevent and lessen these feelings of loneliness. Companion caregivers focus on the mental wellbeing of the clients. They can do this in a number of ways such as by arranging social functions for them, helping them keep up with correspondence, and just having conversations with them.

4. Specialized Care

Because elderly home care services are personalized, you can receive care catered to somebody with your specific condition. If an elderly person is recovering from a stroke or injury, or has Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, or another disorder, they can really benefit from working with a caregiver who is especially experienced in helping people with that condition.

5. Skilled Care

Sometimes seniors need to see a registered nurse, not a caregiver. Elderly home care services can arrange for in-home visits from registered nurses to provide skilled care.

6. Live-in Care

Some seniors require around-the-clock supervision and assistance to be safe and healthy. Elderly home care services can even provide this. You can have a qualified caregiver live in your home with you to provide care whenever needed.

7. Transportation

Some elderly home care service companies partner with ride sharing programs. These services give seniors the freedom to travel wherever they need to. As great as ride sharing apps are, mobile phones are not the easiest things to use for many seniors. Elderly home care services can handle that for them.

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