5 Things You Should Know About Long-Term Healthcare

5 Things You Should Know About Long-Term Healthcare

Learn about long-term care, understand how it helps elderly Virginians, and discover five things you should know about long-term healthcare in Richmond, VA.

1. Long-Term Healthcare Is Available In The Private Homes Of Richmond Residents.

You don’t need to move into a senior care facility to receive long-term care in Richmond, Virginia. While many of these care communities are great and many residents enjoy their lives there, this style of living isn’t for everybody. Many seniors love their Richmond homes and don’t want to move out. With in-home long-term healthcare, Richmond residents can receive all the care they need right in their own homes.

2. Long-Term Home Healthcare Is Often More Affordable Than Moving Into A Senior Care Facility.

Not only is long-term home healthcare more convenient for many in Richmond, it’s also the more affordable option. In a long-term care facility, you must pay rent and fees, and these can add up to quite a high cost. With long-term home healthcare, you only pay for the services you receive.

3. Long-Term Healthcare Is Catered To The Needs Of The Client.

At Executive Home Care of Richmond, we cater all the services we deliver to each individual client. We have three main packages of care: companionship, homemaking, and personal care. These different categories focus on mental health, chores and errands, and physical health respectively. But clients can receive a combination of all three if they want.

4. Long-Term Healthcare Can Be Designed To Help People With Specific Conditions.

Apart from catering our services to each client, we also can also provide care to help with specific conditions. These conditions include:

  • MS
  • Parkinson’s
  • Stroke
  • ALS
  • Spine and Brain Injury
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Accident Victims
  • Surgery Patients
  • And Others

We also offer a specific set of Alzheimer’s and dementia care services. Whatever condition you or your elderly loved one has, we can assign caregivers who are experienced in dealing with patients with those conditions. And we can have expert nurses draw up plans of care to serve those with these specific conditions.

5. Long-Term Healthcare Services Can Help In Unexpected Ways.

At Executive Home Care of Richmond, we try to improve the lives of our clients in any way we can. This includes arranging for transportation for our clients with the rideshare service Lyft. We can also help our clients avoid falls and improve safety in the home.

Executive Home Care Of Richmond

At Executive Home Care of Richmond, we offer all these long-term healthcare services and more. To learn more about our services, please get in touch with us via our website or by calling us at (804) 419 6900.

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