5 Reasons To Get Live-In Senior Care

5 Reasons to Get Live-In Senior Care

Live-in senior care is when a caregiver comes to live in the same home as the client for whom they are caring. Here are five reasons to consider arranging live-in senior care for yourself or an elderly loved one.

1. Live-In Senior Care Gives Clients 24/7 Access To Care.

The primary selling point of live-in senior care is that it means somebody is always on hand to help in case of an emergency. Live-in senior caregivers don’t work 24/7, obviously, they need to time to sleep, eat their own meals, and life their own lives. But having live-in senior care means that somebody will always be there in case of an emergency. If your elderly loved one falls going to the bathroom at 2 AM, somebody will be there to help them. Families often arrange for a family member to be there with their elderly loved one during the live-in senior caregiver’s day/time off.

2. Live-In Senior Care Provides Companionship.

Some elderly couples do live with a live-in senior caregiver and the caregiver sees to both of their needs. More commonly, however, live-in senior care is for elderly people who live alone. The elderly often live isolated lives. They are limited in what they can do outside of their home, their family and friends often live far away and/or can’t visit very often, and seniors become lonely and depressed. Depression is an existential problem but it’s less common in seniors who have live-in senior care. Apart from helping them with the Activities of Daily Living, live-in senior caregivers also provide companionship to seniors and boost their morale.

3. Live-In Senior Care Is Competitive With Assisted Living In Terms Of Cost.

Many seniors can receive the same benefits of live-in senior care from assisted living communities or other senior care facilities. But because these communities charge rents and fees to keep the whole facility profitable, live-in senior care is often the more affordable option for seniors.

4. Live-In Senior Care Is Great For Temporary Situations.

Sometimes seniors don’t need live-in care permanently. Live-in senior care can be provided temporarily while a client recovers from a fall, surgery, stroke, or other incident.

5. Live-In Senior Care Is The Ultimate Personalized Care.

Sometimes the needs of seniors get overlooked if they live in a big senior living community with hundreds of other residents. But when all the care a senior receives is provided by the same caregiver who also lives in the same home with them, that caregiver will learn very quickly what their client needs help with and the best way to provide that help.

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