5 Everyday Tasks Seniors Struggle With

5 Everyday Tasks Seniors Struggle With

Being a senior can be great. Seniors typically have more free time, they’re wiser, and they can more adroitly take things in their stride. But there are inevitable drawbacks. The term “senior” can apply to a 66-year-old as equally as it can to a 106-year-old. Clearly, this is a very diverse group with diverse challenges. But we all tend to slow down in our senior years and we all tend to accumulate aches and pains; even the healthiest among us. As such, everyday tasks that used to be easy can now be challenging. Here are five everyday tasks with which seniors tend to struggle.


Laundry day is pretty annoying regardless of your age. But for a senior it can be downright painful. Those laundry baskets can get heavy; especially with a bunch of wet bedsheets and towels. It can be difficult for seniors to reach clotheslines or to set up drying racks to air-dry the laundry. And for those seniors who live in houses, the laundry machine is often in the basement. Navigating basement stairs with a big basket of laundry can be dangerous.


Vacuuming and mopping can be exhausting and painful for many seniors, but some can manage it. But even for those who seniors can manage regular cleaning all right, those semi-annual or quarterly extensive cleans can be darn near impossible. Scrubbing bathtubs, toilets, and sinks, is hard work and for seniors who can’t quite muster enough elbow grease, their homes can begin to get dirty. And this can cause health issues, both because of germs as well as the effect on their mental health.

Trash Pick up Day

Gathering up all the trash and bringing it out to the curb is a weekly annoyance for us all. For seniors, that heavy trash can pose a risk. It can be exhausting and painful. And if seniors put it off, then the trash piles up, and this is a health risk.

Food Maintenance

Preparing meals every day can be difficult. Many seniors have dietary restrictions and concerns and so meal planning is necessary. It can be difficult to remember all the things they are supposed to/not supposed to eat. And cooking can be tiring. Not to mention the big headache that is occasionally cleaning the refrigerator.

Grocery Shopping

And then there’s the matter of getting all groceries and running errands. Even for seniors who own a vehicle and can drive safely, this can be a real problem. Many of the items we need can be heavy and seniors can’t always carry everything they need.

Homemaker Services

So what is the answer to all these challenges? Easy: homemaker services. Homemaker services are a type of service offered by some senior healthcare agencies (such as Executive Home Care) to help seniors with all the homemaking errands and chores in their lives. It’s sad to say, but some seniors are compelled to move out of their homes and into senior care facilities not because they need help taking care of themselves but because managing their homes has become too difficult. But with homemaker services, seniors can continue to live happily and healthily in their own homes.

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