4 Reasons to Consider Elderly Companion Care

4 Reasons to Consider Elderly Companion Care

Seniors and their families are beginning to realize that elderly companion care can be every bit as beneficial as personal care can be. This coincides with a greater sense in our society that we have been collectively neglecting the importance of mental health. Thankfully, many people now know that stigmatizing mental health issues is dangerous and can ruin lives. But it can be difficult to know what to do about mental health issues when it comes to seniors and their care. One thing you can do for a senior in your life who you suspect might be struggling with mental or emotional health issues is to arrange for companion care. Here are four reasons to consider elderly companion care.

1. Because mental health is important

As outlined in the introduction, many of us are only now realizing how important mental health is. First off, nobody wants seniors to be miserable and elderly companion care can alleviate misery. But it’s not just about being miserable. Mental and emotional health issues can and often do affect physical health. People who are depressed often stop eating and this is obviously a problem. Mental health issues can also lead to insomnia which can lead to a whole host of other problems.

2. Because seniors are at higher risk of isolation

Retirees don’t see their coworkers every day any more. Over the course of their lives many of their friends and family, or they themselves have moved away. This leaves seniors very alone in their lives. This is especially true for seniors who are single or whose spouse has recently died. But it’s important to note that even couples can be isolated. This isolation can lead to loneliness, depression, and becoming detached from the outside world. Elderly companion care can stop this from happening.

3. Because you can’t do it all yourself

For the children and family members of seniors who are suffering from loneliness, the first reaction is just to spend more time with them themselves. First, this presupposed that your elderly loved ones live in the same city or area so you. But even if they do, how much time can you actually spend with them? You have your own obligations; you can’t necessarily be there with them as often as they need. Furthermore, seniors are often reticent to share their mental health concerns with their children or other family members. Elderly companion care can solve all of this for you.

4. Because it allows for an easier transition to other care

Accepting personal care to help with the Activities of Daily Living can be awkward and difficult for many seniors. However, many seniors will require personal care at some point. Elderly companion care can make this transition easier. It can be a much easier adjustment for some seniors to see a caregiver once or twice a week just to talk to them and maybe play card games. This means that if and when the same senior needs help from a caregiver to use the bathroom, it is easier for them to adapt to the new dynamic than if they had never before had any kind of care.

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