3 Diabetes Related Eye Conditions

Diabetes affects more than just blood sugar, eyesight included. Diabetics are more inclined to develop several eye conditions:

  • Glaucoma

Diabetics have a 40% higher chance of contracting glaucoma. This risk also increases with time and the length of time the person has diabetes.

  • Cataracts

The risk of cataracts for diabetics is also greater…60% greater. They also tend to be diagnosed with cataracts at a younger age and the progression is usually faster than those without diabetes. Mild cataracts can be managed through wearing sunglasses and glare-control lenses, but more developed cataracts need to be removed.

  • Retinopathy

Retinopathy is a broad term, it encompasses all retina disorders caused by diabetes, including:

  • Nonproliferative retinopathy- the most common form, in which pouches form in the back of the eye
  • Proliferative retinopathy- where blood vessels close off due to damage, resulting in new, weakened vessels leaking blood

Regular eye exams are critical for anyone with diabetes, especially since many issues are much more easily treated if caught early.

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